FFL Transfers

If you are having a firearm transferred to us, we recommend that you visit our store to complete the required paperwork, and begin your 3 business day waiting period. Alternately, if you have a Florida concealed firearm license, send an email to info@eossguns.com to request a PDF you can fill out and return to us.

Many shipping methods provide delivery notification, but your firearm will not be ready for pickup immediately upon arrival. Depending on delivery volume, our receiving process can take a couple of hours. When your firearm is ready to pick up we will notify you by phone or email. Generally this will be before 5:00 PM on the day it arrives.

EOSS Guns is not responsible for the condition in which your transferred firearm is shipped. We will make every effort to maintain the condition of the firearm as shipped. We cannot be responsible for additional accessories included by the shipper.

Inbound Transfer

  • $40.00 for first firearm
  • $20.00/ea for every additional firearm coming from the same dealer at the same time.
  • $75.00 each for NFA firearms. Transfers for NFA restricted items require prior approval. Please call or email before making your purchase.

Outbound Transfer

  • $50.00 + shipping for the first firearm.
  • $30.00 + shipping for each additional firearm.
  • Actual shipping costs depend on the type, size, weight and insured value of the firearm. Most handguns can ship flat rate USPS for about $15.
  • We will not ship firearms to the state of California. Please make sure the firearm is in a legal condition for the state it is being shipped to, prior to bringing the firearm to us. We are not responsible for ensuring that the firearm is legal to own/possess in the state of transfer.