Black Friday Range Retreat

Black Friday is canceled… Sort of.

We are still going to offer seasonal sales. However, we will not offer any retail discounts on “Black Friday” this year. Instead, we’re turning East Orange Shooting Sports into a “Range Retreat” on Friday, November 24th.

After you’re done with the parking lots and long lines (or if you want to skip them entirely!) come in and just relax. All normal range time is half price for the day, and we’re laying out donuts, bagels, and coffee for breakfast. Make sure to pick up your ticket for a door prize before heading home or wherever your day takes you.

Holiday Sales

Instead of just one day for Black Friday, we’re having an entire week. From 11/27/17 through 12/1/17, all firearms (including NFA) will be 10% off. Additionally, we’ll have special one-day-only sales items during the entire week. Additional details on those items will be posted to Facebook later this week, and have already gone out to our email subscribers. If you’re not subscribed to our email list, there’s a form at the bottom of this page.