A Letter From Our President

February 20 2018

It is with a breaking heart that I write this notice tonight.

Today will be the last date of operations for the shooting range at East Orange Shooting Sports. Beginning tomorrow morning, the range will be decommissioned.

Additionally, February 28 2018 will be the last date of retail operations at our present address and home for the last 18 years.

A new, retail-only location is in development but is still several weeks from opening.

To our customers and friends: we thank you for the years you have shared with us here, and rest assured you are going to be accommodated. While this cannot address every circumstance, answers to the most anticipated questions follow.

  • The retail store will be closed on Sunday 2/25/18. Aside from that, we will hold regular store hours through close of business 2/28/18. Be aware that we will be packing and counting inventory for moving to our new location so product availability is not going to be the absolute best.
  • We will not process special orders for any item that we cannot be sure will be delivered by Tuesday 2/27/18 without specific acknowledgement from the client that they will not be able to take delivery until reopening at the new location.
  • Because of the 3-day wait on handguns, no new sales will be initiated for a customer WITHOUT a Florida Concealed Firearm Permit after Thursday Feb 22 (and a mandatory pickup date of Wednesday Feb 28.)
  • We strongly encourage all customers with a firearm on 3-day wait or layaway to conclude your transaction at your earliest opportunity.
  • Guns on layaway will have 3 options:
    • Complete payment and pickup before 2/28/18
    • Acknowledge that your layaway term will be extended to our new location and your firearm will not be available for pickup for several weeks.
    • Receive a full refund of the deposit on account for the firearm.
  • Clients with Range Memberships will be refunded the remaining prorated balance of their memberships. (i.e. if your membership is 6 months old, you will be refunded the 6 month balance) Refunds will be offered by way of Gift Card, by check, or by merchandise exchange at the option of the customer.
  • All current valid gift cards will be honored at our new location.
  • All NFA customers that have forms or devices pending will be contacted by phone individually in the next 48 hours. BATFE has been very understanding of our situation and is assisting to ensure minimal disruption- in fact you are likely to get your forms processed more quickly.

I expect that you will have many questions. Feel free to ask them.
407-679-1995 is the number. Email to info@eastorangess.com

We will send email blasts, and post on Facebook and Instagram regularly to keep you all informed as we move forward. As soon as we have an opening date, we will let you know. We have new programs and promotions that we will be offering, and new lines coming in that we are very excited about. Our eCommerce site should be finished and operational in conjunction with the new store opening.

No doubt, this is not anything that I ever expected to be writing to you, and this is not the email or post you were expecting to get from us.

But here we are.

We started with much less and have grown to be an integral part of this amazing community. With your help, your patience and your continued support we will get past this hiccup and continue to evolve into something greater still.

With my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your support and understanding.

I will talk to you all soon.

John Ritz – CEO, East Orange Shooting Sports, Inc.

East Orange Shooting Sports has a new web site!

East Orange Shooting Sports has a new web site!

Hello and welcome back! We’re pleased to finally be able to show you our new web site. It’s been completely rebuilt for you. Most notably, using your phone or tablet to browse will be easier. Also look for blog postings, improved lists of used guns for sale and our rental fleet, and a site-wide search to help you locate the information you need.

We hope that this upgrade will be helpful and useful to you. If you encounter a problem while browsing our site, please let us know.