So long and thanks for all the fish.

December 15, 2018


Man, what a ride.

18 years. 12 years under my direction. I’ve learned so much here.

We’ll leave up our social media profiles for another couple months maybe. Google and Yelp and whatever are outside of our control. If you came here from there, we’re sorry. The range has been closed for 10 months now, but people show up at the door every day with range bags in hand looking to shoot. Even at Oviedo, where there was never a range. No, it’s not heart wrenching at all…

We are very often asked, ‘What happened to the range?’. I’ve heard a lot of different stories: Insurance problems; An accident or injury on the range; Some form of government regulation or intrusion. No to all of the above. Simply not true, regardless of what you heard at XYZ Gun Shop or read on a gun forum. The truth is out there. It is documented in legal forums and is free and easy to find. It is a matter that is currently in litigation and I won’t expound on it here other than to say that we are the plaintiff. When a jury has rendered a verdict, we will reveal our position.

While the loss of the range was decidedly the reason for the business failure, our story is much more than that disappointing chapter. These last weeks we have been inundated with an outpouring of support, and thanks, and well wishes from the shooting community that we have happily served for nearly two decades. That is the story that will be remembered. The celebration of someone’s first trip to the range; group events and competitions; the expression on the face of someone shooting a suppressed .300BO for the first time! (It’s SO QUIET!!) The brotherhood of the staff here, who as I write this, have an average of 8 years of service to EOSS. The camaraderie of the regular visitors, whether to the range or just the shop (Jim deserves special mention here!)

See, that is what EOSS was about. Nobody gives a crap about a building full of stuff. Yeah, it’s fun to look at and play with, but there are tons of buildings and websites full of ‘stuff’. EOSS was about the shooting community and providing a fun and safe place to enjoy recreation with like-minded people.

If this is our obituary, then the list of surviving kin will number in the tens of thousands. If this is our end, then we go knowing that our community was well served and that our work and effort mattered to people. We have seen that in each of you these last weeks, and it has been inspirational. As we each now go forward on our own new paths, we will always carry that with us.

May God bless you all, and may God Bless America.

John R. – Mike M. – Scott R. – Mike B. – Mike R. – Mike B2. – Chris C. – Johnathan A.