1012 Lockwood Blvd.
Oviedo, FL 32765

November 26, 2018

Public Notice: Closure of EOSS Guns / East Orange Shooting Sports Inc.

To our valued clients:

2018 has been an interesting year for the gun industry, and for EOSS especially. A bubble from 2009-2016, which was largely the result of fear politics has turned into a market correction. This, combined with conditions specific to our store, has resulted in a position that is beyond recovery. The store will permanently close by the 22nd of December.

Effective the date of this notice, everything in the store will be on sale. This is a complete inventory clearance. Store fixtures and displays will also be available for purchase. Discounts will only be for in-store, ‘in-stock’ items. Prices on remaining ‘Black Friday’ merchandise will remain while supplies last and are not subject to additional discounts. We will still do special orders on a quoted basis until December 15th.

Initial discounts are as follows:

  • Guns: up to 15% off
  • Optics: 15% off all
  • Knives: 15% off all
  • Ammunition: 10% off all
  • Accessories: 25% off all

There are some open balances on EOSS Gift Cards – we urge you to use these cards ASAP. Gift cards will not be able to be redeemed after December 9th.

Please share and repost this notice so that we are able to maximize its distribution and make all of our clients aware of our closing date.

Special note to our NFA customers:

Prior to making this announcement, we worked diligently with ATF’s Orlando office and the NFA Branch to expedite current outstanding Form 4’s. We had about 50 of them open. By 11/21/18, we were notified that ALL outstanding forms had been approved, even those from last month. We have received about a dozen of them back as of 11/26/18 and will be getting the remaining forms in the next week or two. It is appropriate that we thank the NFA Branch, and especially the Orlando Field Office of BATFE, for their assistance. We have enjoyed a very good relationship with ATF throughout the course of our business and if you have the opportunity to meet these folks, you would do well to introduce yourself and thank them for their efforts.

Yes, the range is still closed. 🙄