Used Guns

Former Rental Guns

Former rental guns are starting to hit the used gun shelf. Here is a list of what is available now. We will offer more as replacements arrive, so please do not ask about guns not already listed. We will do our best to update this list as guns sell.

Each model listed is a quantity of 1. We will not hold or reserve anything; first come is first served. Our normal sales policies apply here (so minimum 50% deposit is required for layaways.) There are special terms regarding warranty.

Since these guns are former rentals, they have been test-fired and thoroughly broken in. They are also robust and reliable firearms. Cheap, flimsy, and unreliable guns do not survive the rental wall. All guns will have their original boxes, paperwork, magazine(s), etc.

Make Model Caliber Price
Glock 23 Gen4 .40 S&W $350

Buy Used Guns

Every used gun we sell has been carefully inspected and test fired. Each one is thoroughly cleaned before it is placed on the shelf.

This list of used guns for sale is updated regularly but is not a real-time inventory. If you have a question about a specific item on the list, please call us or come in.


Selling or Trading Your Guns

If you want to sell or trade your used firearms, we can buy them outright or offer you consignment terms. We must see any items firsthand before we can make an offer. Please bring all associated items (magazines, factory box, manual) when you bring in a firearm to sell. The price offered will be less if a gun is missing standard components such as magazines or grip adapters. We offer the same price whether you prefer cash or to trade towards the purchase of another gun.

Make sure any firearms you bring into our store are unloaded and safe.