We’re proud to offer the services of factory certified technicians and qualified armorers. We can install triggers, replace sights and do many jobs that are only to be performed by an armorer. At our new service counter, you can watch us mount your scope, install and time your muzzle device, replace furniture and much more. We charge reasonable flat rates for our work, which is all done with correct tools and procedures. Most accessories purchased from us are typically installed free of charge, as a courtesy.

In addition to our mechanical skills, we are pleased to extend concierge service to each and every customer. We’ll help you adjust your precision rifle stock to fit you before you even leave the store. We’ll help you get that new laser regulated to match your point of aim before you take it home. Don’t have your manual? We’ll look it up for you. Lost your receipt? No problem, we’ll print out another copy for you.

We also take photographs and fingerprintsĀ  for NFA Forms 4, and conduct in-bound and out-bound transfers. If you have questions about NFA or FFL transfers, we’ll explain the process to you. We’re truly a better gun store, and our service is just one of the ways we demonstrate it.