Buying a gun, suppressor, light or other shooting accessory can be difficult. There are hundreds of options and dozens of manufacturers to choose from, and they’re not all equal. Rather than carry every possible product, we stock our shelves based on value, customer input and our own experience. We will only recommend a product to you if we can trust it for ourselves.

Our showroom staff aren’t commissioned salespeople, so your needs come first. We will do our best to answer your questions and help inform you so you can make well-educated decisions. Your satisfaction and our integrity are more important than a quick sale. Come in and see how we can help you with your next shooting sports purchase!

Featured Firearm and Accessory Brands

This list includes some of the brands we’ve chosen to feature. We stand behind all our products, but these are some of our favorite brands.


No-Haggle Pricing Policy

What do you mean, “no-haggle?”

We mean that it’s simple to figure out your price here at EOSS:

  1. Take the price on the tag
  2. Add 6.5% sales tax
  3. Add $5 for the required background check

What’s your lowest price?

Our lowest price is already on the tag.

Can you make me a deal?

No, because we don’t demand a higher price up front so we can “make a deal.”

Will you throw in a box of ammo/this sling/a set of night sights/a kitten?

Sorry, we can’t afford that! If we were able to throw in ‘extras’ with every sale, we would have to raise our prices to cover them. We would rather keep our prices low and let you choose for yourself how to spend your hard-earned money.

We can’t promise the very lowest price on each item every day, but we can promise the same price to each of our customers. This is a fair, honest policy and it’s what you deserve as our customer.