Concealed Firearm License class

This class is designed to meet the standards and guidelines as set forth by the state of Florida for the “Concealed Weapon or Firearm License”. In actuality, this class exceeds the minimum standards requirements – and then some. Some important guidelines:

  • Classes are held at 6pm Tuesday nights and at 9am Saturday mornings.
  • This class is NOT for first-time shooters. We are thrilled to have new shooters into the range, but this is not the class for you: please see the “Private Lesson” tab for more information. This class is designed specifically for the needs of the civilian firearms owner who desires to carry a firearm in public.
  • The class covers Basic Firearms Safety and Handling; Firearm Selection and Specialization; Modes and Methods of Carry; a detailed review of the Florida State Statutes, specifically as they apply to carrying a concealed firearm; review of ‘Castle Doctrine’ and ‘Use of Force’ statutes and laws; and much more.
  • The class runs about 3-hours, and we provide the application packet, assist in filling out the application and even give you the information to fast-track your license, reducing the wait time substantially.
  • Every participant will need to bring a photo identification, and will be required to shoot approximately 20-25 rounds for qualification. Yes, this is substantially more than the legal minimum, but we want to verify safe and proficient handling as well as marksmanship skills.
  • Firearms are not provided for this class. When applying for a permit to carry a concealed firearm in public, an assumption is made that you have a firearm to carry, and at least basic proficiency in shooting. Again, this is NOT a first-timers class. Rental firearms are available for additional costs (All rental guidelines apply – please see that page). Yes, you can share a firearm with your friend, and no, you do not have to shoot the gun you intend to carry. It does have to be a handgun though, as long guns are not permitted to be carried with this license.
  • You do not need to be 21 to take this class, nor to be a Florida resident as the state does issue non-resident licenses. You cannot submit your application prior to your 21st birthday however, and you must be 21 to purchase a handgun or handgun ammunition on your own.
  • Class fee is $50 + tax ($53.25). The state charges $117 to process your license, which is good for 7 years. That fee is submitted with your application – not paid to the range.
  • You can register for the class in person or by phone. Preregistration is recommended because class size is limited to 25 students. Classes may fill in advance with minimal space available for walk-in customers. We CAN NOT accept registration online or via email at present time as the slots can fill in groups and timeliness of response cannot be guaranteed.

This should cover most circumstances, but if you have a question, please feel free to call us and ask at 407-679-1995.