Annual Membership

Our regular customers have been asking for this over the years, and the time is finally right for it. Starting in 2016, we’re offering a variety of annual membership plans, and each one includes unlimited personal range time. Whether you practice every week by yourself, come several times a year with your family, or frequently try out rentals and pick up new accessories, one of our plans is probably right for you. See the table below for details.

When you subscribe, we’ll have you complete our extended release and waiver. By your next visit, we’ll have your membership card ready. Whenever you visit after that, sign in with that card together with your photo ID.

Membership Plans




Annual Cost
$200 $250 $300
Range Use
Unlimited Personal Unlimited Personal Unlimited for your family
(spouse and children under the age of 21,
living in the same household)
Firearm Rentals*
Unlimited Unlimited
5% discount on most optics and electronics
10% discount on most accessories and services
5% discount on most optics and electronics
10% discount on most accessories and services

*Ammunition sold separately
**Excludes ammunition, firearms, sales and products with vendor pricing restrictions

Annual memberships cannot be returned or exchanged and are non-transferable. We reserve the right to revoke memberships for reasons including but not limited to flagrant violations of our safety policies. In such a case, the membership may be revoked without compensation. Membership cards are the property of and must be returned to East Orange Shooting Sports on demand.

Anticipated Questions

Will you still offer Range Cards and Range IDs?

Yes, we will continue to offer and honor prepaid Range Cards and Range IDs. We’ve had positive responses to those programs. Memberships combine all of the benefits of a prepaid Range Card and the quick sign-in of a Range ID.

If I forget my membership card at home, can I still use the membership?

Yes. We will require you to sign in as though you did not have a membership, but you will still be able to use your unlimited range time. Likewise, if you have a Plus or Family membership, you can use your rental and discount privileges. We’ll just have to look them up manually.

Do I have to come to the range for my spouse to use our family membership?

No. We’ll issue a separate membership card to every member of your family over 18.

Do I still need to have my own firearm or another person in order to rent?

Yes. Our rental policy still applies.